BakerRisk has extensive experience in the application of CFD tools to simulate dispersion, explosion, and fire-related phenomena.


Jet Fire Testing
BakerRisk conducts direct jet fire impingement tests on a modular building constructed with a variety of wall materials.

Incident Investigation
BakerRisk is internationally recognized for its investigation of major industrial explosions and fires.

Offshore Services
BakerRisk now offers Offshore SEMS audits along with a wide range of engineering studies including FLACS, FEA, PSM Audits and Insurance Risk Surveys.

Blast Effects
Our vapor cloud explosion (VCE) testing abilities have helped develop one of the most advanced blast prediction methods.

Research & Development
We strive for practical results for use by our clients, such as cost-effective building upgrades to enhance blast protection.

Welcome to BakerRisk

Providing Solutions To Manage Catastrophic Risks

For nearly thirty years, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk)  has provided quality engineering, R&D, investigation, and field testing services to industries and government agencies handling explosive, flammable and toxic materials.

BakerRisk’s clients benefit from our knowledge and vast experience, our innovative research, and unique engineering capabilities. We help clients understand and prioritize their risks, and offer cost-effective solutions to manage them.