BakerRisk provides solutions to companies and government agencies involved with hazardous materials to prevent or mitigate accidents, and protect personnel and other assets.

BakerRisk is an internationally recognized firm dedicated to help predict, prevent, and mitigate hazards from explosions, fires, and toxic releases. Our staff is comprised of highly qualified engineers and scientists with a focus on explosion effects, structural dynamics, process safety, risk analysis, chemical hazards testing, and explosion incident investigation. We specialize in process safety and risk management services to companies in the petroleum and chemical industries, as well as engineering and testing services for government agencies and private companies involved with hazardous materials.

Since 1984, BakerRisk has specialized in risk assessment services for the energy and chemical processing industry and been involved as lead investigator in several high profile accidental industrial explosions around the world. In addition to the extensive experience in incident investigation work, BakerRisk has been at the forefront of research in the field of vapor cloud explosions, jet fires, structural impact testing and a variety of other topics to improve the understanding of common hazards encountered in the chemical processing industry.

Combining in-house research capabilities and experienced investigation services with the engineering talent is what makes BakerRisk a uniquely qualified risk assessment service provider.


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