BakerRisk is a uniquely organized engineering consulting firm designed to solve some of the most challenging problems that are encountered in industry. At its core, BakerRisk is divided into four engineering disciplines: Blast Effects, Structural Response, Process Safety, and Incidents and Materials Engineering.


The BakerRisk Blast Effects engineers are experts in both explosion dynamics modeling and field testing hazardous phenomenon such as vapor cloud explosions, jet fires, and high pressure explosive events.


The Protective Structures Group at BakerRisk specializes in both designing new and upgrading existing buildings for blast, toxic, and thermal hazards commonly found on chemical processing sites and offshore facilities. Many of the engineers in the BakerRisk structural group are capable of providing both conceptual and detailed designs ready for construction.


The Process Safety Group at BakerRisk consists of over fifty professionals with an average of 15 years experience in a variety of operational fields (refining, chemical, offshore, etc.) These professionals excel in topics such as PSM Auditing, PHA/HAZOP, Quantitative Risk Analyses, and Facility Siting.


The Incidents and Materials Engineering Group at BakerRisk provides a wide range of services in materials engineering, evaluation, and failure analysis. Our clients rely on BakerRisk to perform the analysis and testing and to develop the solutions for their challenging equipment and structural materials problems.

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