With more than 30 years of experience in engineering consulting services for the gas production industry, BakerRisk is in a unique position to provide guidance and support in both leading edge risk assessment and risk mitigation. BakerRisk has a portfolio of more than 100 projects in engineering and consulting services analyzing the production, distribution and processing of Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Examples of BakerRisk projects include:

Consequence & Risk Assessment Studies
  • Quantitative risk assessments of:
    • Transmission pipelines and compressor stations
    • Gas stabilization and sweetening facilities
    • NG Production and export facilities
    • LNG Storage and Peak-shaving facilities
    • LNG Transportation Risk analysis for onshore and offshore routes.
  • Security and Vulnerability assessments of Export/Import terminals in compliance with FERC guidelines
  • Quantification of hazards associated with a potential terrorist attack on an LNG Carrier
  • Evaluation of flammable hazards in indoor gas processing operations
Hazard Identification
  • Chemical process and hazard reviews
  • Fire protection analysis of operations including compartmentalization, mitigation, ventilation, etc.
Best Practices
  • Failure mode and hazard analysis reviews for process units and loading/unloading areas
  • Mechanical integrity and reliability reviews for hazardous process units
  • Materials compatibility assessments related to cryogenic temperature (e.g., cold embrittlement).
Risk Reduction Evaluation and Support
  • Analysis and mitigation of process hazards, including Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Recommendations for explosion hazards mitigation, plant building locations and design, building upgrades, and blast hardened building design
  • Deluge system designs for LNG release mitigation
  • Refined analysis based on human factors and safety systems in LNG loading/unloading operations
  • Strategies for flammable and toxic gas detector types, number and placement
  • Strategies for ventilation of indoor operations to prevent gas accumulation, and venting of indoor gas explosion events to minimize impacts
Post-Incident Investigations
  • Multiple incident investigations for major producers, including cause analysis, site management, response to regulatory agencies, testing, mechanical failure analysis, and litigation support
  • Metallurgical failure analysis of process equipment
  • Estimation of fuel mass based upon blast effects
  • Insurance and Fire Protection
  • Loss control and insurance audits to develop Estimated Maximum Loss (EML) and/or
  • Maximum Probable Loss (MPL) estimates to help place Insurance.
  • Fire Water System reviews of LNG facility during FEL and Detailed design phases.


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