BakerRisk has over 30 years of experience supporting a wide variety of government agencies, both in the U.S. and internationally, with design, research, and testing in blast effects and structural response. Our research focuses on weapons effects (such as airblast, fragmentation, and penetration) as well as response of structures to those effects. Some specific consulting areas include the following:

Testing for Simulated Explosives Effects

As the owners/operators of two large test sites, BakerRisk is uniquely positioned to provide customized, cost-effective testing solutions with a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Shock tube testing
  • High-velocity fragment impact
  • Combustible gas ignition and deflagration
  • Drop testing
  • Fire and thermal effects

Design of Facilities for Blast Resistance

BakerRisk’s Structures Section has provided blast-resistant structural design of facilities for buildings owned and operated by government agencies across the globe. Our services include:

  • Structural design for blast resistance
  • Drawing and specification package production
  • Support during construction

Test Program Support

Many government agencies sponsor extensive testing programs, and BakerRisk stands ready with a range of support services necessary to the successful execution of those programs.

  • Test matrix development and coordination
  • Instrumentation layout and documentation
  • Evaluation of test results, data consistency evaluation, comparison of data to engineering and high-fidelity models
  • Lessons learned and conclusions from test data

Engineering Model Development

Over the years, BakerRisk has developed a set of engineering tools that are used by both government agencies and blast consultants to perform important tasks. Some of these models are also embedded in larger system-response software packages used for weaponeering, targeting, and vulnerability analysis.

  • SDOF response of structural components
  • Explosive equivalence
  • Human injury due to blast effects

Finite Element Analysis

BakerRisk relies primarily on LS-DYNA to perform high fidelity non-linear structural response calculations for blast, impact, and thermal loads. Typical applications include:

  • Support of design projects involving complex structures or highly non-uniform blast loads
  • Penetration analysis of impact
  • Pre-test prediction calculations for scoping and gauge ranging
  • Test reaction structure design

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Once again using LS-DYNA, BakerRisk has advanced CFD capabilities that augment and expand our finite element capabilities. Blast loads may be computed for application to finite element models of a structure or equipment, or more complex coupled models may be used to represent fluid-structure interaction. Applications include:

  • Eulerian calculations of blast wave propagation and interaction with structures; e.g., blast prediction in an irregular geometry.
  • Coupled calculations (ALE) where the fluid interacts with a deformable and moveable solid mesh; e.g., blast propagation from an external detonation into a room with a frangible door.


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