With more than 30 years of experience in risk and hazard analysis, advanced research, and engineering consulting, BakerRisk is in a unique position to provide leading edge forensic incident investigation, evidence preservation, and testimony services. Additionally, BakerRisk employs the synergy of our advanced degreed (PhD) analytical minds with a cadre of industry experienced senior engineers (PE licensed) to provide regulatory compliance equivalency evaluations, citation defense technical strategies, and attorney/client privileged (ACP) treatment to routine process safety studies, insurance risk engineering surveys, and fire protection and loss prevention audits.

BakerRisk has a portfolio of more than 800 projects involving ACP protection to OSHA PSM and EPA RMP compliance audits (initial phases), OSHA 1910 required PHA studies, incident investigations, cause analysis, and litigation support services in petroleum and chemical processing plants, equipment manufacturing and fabrication facilities, offshore platforms, power generating facilities, residential and commercial buildings, and product terminals, both within the US and overseas.  Examples of BakerRisk projects include:

Regulatory Compliance

  • Conduct combined or individual PSM and RMP audits under ACP
  • Coordinate facility response to OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs (NEP)
  • Conduct numerous PHA, toxic exposure, siting, etc. studies under ACP.

Evidence Preservation

  • Develop and implement site control agreements intended to coordinate and preserve the interests of all parties
  • Protocol development for identification, preservation, and sharing of evidentiary items.
  • Site documentation, including still and video photography, 3D laser scanning, explosion debris measurement, heat effects zoning, deformation measurements, etc.
  • Develop court room exhibits, input data for analytical physical testing, computer modeling, laboratory examinations, structural response calculations, overpressure analysis, scene reconstruction, etc.
  • Site management includes directing scene access of third party interests, and evidence access to be placed under impartial BakerRisk control. Documenting compliance with pre-defined and approved agreements includes Chain of Custody transfers, visitor logs, sample splitting, etc.

 Origin and Cause Determination

  • Our case study experience includes: chemical, dust, and flammable explosions; multiple fatalities; product and catalyst contamination; process control circuit logic anomalies; offshore platforms; loss of containment; reactive chemical events; etc.
  • Develop and execute testing protocols which intended to prove postulated hypotheses and dis-prove alternative causation scenarios.

 Testing and Incident Re-creation

  • Capability to conduct both large and small scale experimental testing
  • Computer modeling (CFD, FEA, etc.) to re-creation incident conditions

 Root Cause Analysis

  • Developed the Cause Analysis Tree® methodology for determining intermediate and root causes of incidents

 Material Failure Analysis

  • Conduct analytical third party testing
  • Host demonstrations and facilitated execution of multi-party protocols
  • Provide evidence mapping and equipment fracture re-construction


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