With more than 30 years of experience in engineering consulting services for the oil refining industry, BakerRisk is in a unique position to provide guidance and support in both leading edge risk assessment and risk management. BakerRisk has performed thousands of projects for the refining industry across a broad portfolio of services. Examples of BakerRisk refining projects include:

Audit and Protocol Development
  • Development of programs for Process Safety Management (PSM) including corporate policies, and guidance documents for programs such as mechanical integrity, management of change (MOC), and operating procedures
  • Process safety audits and gap analysis
  • Training programs for PSM compliance, US OSHA regulatory inspections, and OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP) audits, including technical and legal support
Hazard Identification
  • Process Hazards Analyses
  • Explosion hazard reviews
  • Fire protection analysis
Consequence & Risk Assessment Studies
  • Quantitative risk assessments (QRA)
  • API-752/753/756 (building siting) compliance
  • HF Alkylation QRA (API-751compliance)
  • API-520/521 (pressure relief valve) design/compliance
  • Consequence and risk studies for potential hazards to offsite populations
  • Major hazard vulnerability assessment and evaluation
  • Assistance in developing building siting standards and risk criteria
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysi
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessments and support of scenario analysis for CFATS
  • Vulnerability assessments of critical equipment and hazard mitigation systems to accidental blast loads
Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) for critical safeguards
  • Specific guidance policies for significant hazards
  • Mechanical integrity guidance
  • Leak tightness testing for shelter in-place/safe haven assessment and improvement
  • Critical relief valve bench testing
  • Fire water system capacity testing
  • Shock tube testing of window and door systems, fire protection coverings, ventilation systems, and potential building upgrades
Best Practices
  • Failure mode and hazard analysis reviews for process units and loading/handling areas
  • Development of guidelines for designated safe havens and shelter-in-place procedures
  • Mechanical integrity and reliability reviews for hazardous process units
  • Materials compatibility assessments related to high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA), cold embrittlement and other damage mechanisms common to the refining industry
Risk Reduction Evaluation and Support
  • Analysis and mitigation of process hazards, including Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Recommendations for explosion hazards mitigation, plant building locations and design, building upgrades, and blast hardened building design
  • Deluge system designs for flammables or HF release mitigation
  • Prioritization and closure of PHA and other safety-related action items
  • Rapid acid dump system assessment for HF alkylation units
Post-Incident Investigations
  • Incident investigations for many of the major refining incidents of the past 20 years, including cause analysis, site management, response to regulatory agencies, testing, mechanical failure analysis, and litigation support
  • Metallurgical failure analysis of process equipment
  • Estimation of deflagration to detonation transition
  • Estimation of fuel mass based upon blast effects
  • Assessment of structural damage
Loss Prevention Engineering
  • Loss Control Audits
  • Fire Protection Review
  • Hazardous Area Classification studies
Capital Project Support
  • Equipment and building layout
  • Fire and gas detection optimization
  • Fire hazard analysis and review
  • PHA services
  • Facility siting and Quantitative Risk Assessment


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