Computational Fluid Dynamics

FLACS Explosion Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics Using FLACS

The FLACS (FLame ACceleration Simulator) CFD code has been used by BakerRisk to model flammable gas release and dispersion, vapor cloud explosion (VCE) blast loads, and turbine exhaust plume dispersion for both on-shore and off-shore facilities. BakerRisk has utilized FLACS dispersion analysis capabilities on numerous occasions to predict flammable gas cloud location and volume as a precursor to blast load analyses in projects supporting the design of protective structures as well as to predict the extent and concentration of flammable gas clouds in accident analyses and litigation support. FLACS dispersion tools provide the capability of modeling:

Examples of FLACS applications involving blast load analyses include:

In some cases, the blast loading obtained from FLACS is used as input for detailed finite element analysis (FEA) of structures using the LS-DYNA code.

BakerRisk has performed more than forty projects using FLACS for both dispersion and VCE blast load evaluations.


Experiment in BakerRisk Test Rig

FLACS Simulation

 FLACS Simulation of Flame Propagation in the BakerRisk Test Rig

 FLACS Simulation of a VCE within a Process Module

 HVAC Ventilation Vector Plot within an Enclosure

 Fuel Concentration Contours from Simulated Leaks on an Off-Shore Facility

3D Model

Sliced 2D View

 FLACS Turbine Exhaust Simulation