Hazard Identification

Anti-Terrorism Force Protection

Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc., (BakerRisk) provides our client with a unique capability to understand the potential vulnerability and consequences of a potential terrorist attack that enables the owner’s to take the appropriate security measures.  We have assessed assets ranging from overseas laboratory locations to industrial sites near major urban populations.

By combing our extensive research and experience in weapon and blast effects with an unparalleled understanding of process safety we are able to provide a more accurate portrayal of the consequences of potential terrorist attacks, and the appropriate mitigation measures.

BakerRisk has assessed government and commercial buildings as well as industrial facilities in the US, Canada, and throughout the world.  For our industrial clients we have assessed the vulnerability of process equipment to attacks including:

Damage to Outer and Inner Walls of Double Walled Tank – Calculations used to determine minimal standoff distance to be provided by security.

Thermal Contours Resulting From Tank Farm Fire

CFD Calculation of Blast Loads on Building Facade