Hazard Identification

Electrical Area Classification

Introduction to HACToolTM†

Hazard  Area Classification Tool (HACToolTM†) was designed and created by BakerRisk to provide quick and accurate Electrical Hazard Classification drawings based on API RP 500.

HACToolTM† can also ensure that electrical equipment meets the requirements of the HAC contours.

HACToolTM† is also capable of following the guidelines in BS EN 60079-10 and IP 15.

Each Release, depending on material and location, will generate a specific Hazardous Area

HACToolTM† has the capabilities to analyze and show these areas in the 3rd dimension as well.

Gap Analysis

HACToolTM† interacts all individual pieces of electrical equipment against all Hazard Area Classification contours in 3-dimensions to ensure there are no gaps (wrong electrical items selected for hazardous area).

†Patent 8,706,456