BakerRisk has developed an international reputation in the area of incident investigations.  We use our expertise to support the control and management of accident sites, preserve evidence, prove or disprove accident scenarios, determine the cause of the accident, provide effective solutions, and develop the plans and safety programs for post-accident operations.  BakerRisk is recognized by our clients, government agencies, and legal firms for our integrity in handling the scene and for our advanced methodologies that we apply to the investigation process.  BakerRisk’s strengths in blast effects, structural analysis, materials engineering, reactive chemicals, and process safety reinforce our forensic investigation experience, giving us a valuable and unique perspective in carrying out investigations.  More information on specific services can be found below.


BakerRisk can respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For after-hours emergency response, call our main San Antonio telephone number:   (210) 824-5960.  Our recorded announcement provides emergency message instructions.  This results in an immediate page to our emergency response team.