Incident Investigation Services

Expert Litigation

Our staff is comprised of  engineers and scientists with specialized expertise and training in failure analysis of equipment, fire, and explosion investigations, who often serve as expert witnesses as well as support for  litigation activities.  Many staff members are active in technical societies and committees, such as NFPA, AIChE, and API, and are licensed Professional Engineers and/or PhDs.  Lead investigators are typically Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, and thus are trained on applying NFPA 921: “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.”

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Explosions,  All Types
  • Fires and House Explosions
  • Structural Failures and Building Damage
  • Failure Analysis of components & equipment, all types
  • Reactive Chemical Events
  • Flammable & Toxic Chemical Releases
  • Personal Injury and Fatality Events
  • Business Interruption Losses
  • Energetic Materials