Materials Engineering

BakerRisk provides a wide range of services in materials engineering, evaluation, and failure analysis. Our clients rely on BakerRisk to perform the analysis and testing, and to develop the solutions for their challenging equipment and structural materials problems.

What makes BakerRisk unique is the diverse expertise and experience of our staff in testing, consulting, and risk management, combined with the knowledge acquired from our lab and field testing services, R&D programs, and incident investigations.

BakerRisk’s laboratory is used to evaluate damage and failure mechanisms in structures, equipment and components.

Specializing in Solutions for Industry

Our materials engineering and evaluation services are supported by significant capabilities and experience in incident and incident investigations, root cause analysis, risk reduction, blast effects and structures response, process safety, and chemical hazards testing and evaluations.

BakerRisk focuses on improving reliability, reducing risk, and determining the cause of failures. We are widely known and respected in private industry and government, as well as in the legal and insurance industries, for providing answers and solutions to difficult industrial problems. We have also supported clients by serving as expert witnesses.

Key Benefits

A metallurgical engineer evaluates damage effects at an accident site

During a project, BakerRisk’s materials lab, chemical hazards lab, and our large-scale test range facilities provide required data and results. Specialized tests and procedures can also be developed by BakerRisk to effectively evaluate a client’s particular problem.

Material Engineering and Test Services

Incident Investigations and Materials Testing

BakerRisk’s international reputation in the area of incident investigations is supported by the engineering staff and materials lab. We use our experience and expertise to support the control and management of the accident site, preserve evidence, prove or disprove accident scenarios, determine the cause of the accident, provide effective solutions, and to develop the plans and safety programs for post-accident operations. Frequently, key information about the cause of an accident comes from analysis and understanding of the materials involved.

BakerRisk Laboratory Capabilities:

Materials Characterization. BakerRisk performs material characterization of metallic, ceramic and composite samples using Buehler precision diamond saws, abrasive cut-off wheels and automatic polishers. Nikon and Zeiss microscopes magnify microstructural features from 1/2 to 1000 times to:

Electron Microscopy and X-ray Spectroscopy. BakerRisk utilizes a JEOL 5800 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) coupled with backscatter detector to examine large and small samples at 50 to 100,000 times magnification. BakerRisk utilizes Noran energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) to identify elements and perform semi-quantitative chemical analysis for the following applications.

Material Hardness Testing.  The Wilson Rockwell and microhardness testers are used in our laboratory to determine material hardness, identify microstructural anamolies, and verify material properties.  Potential applications include:

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