Materials Engineering

Third Party Evaluation & Testing

BakerRisk performs third party testing in areas ranging from incident investigation and litigation projects to structural and material performance testing.  BakerRisk does not do certification work, but our facilities have been used in blast resistance testing of structural components (beams, doors, windows), failure testing (vessels, metals, equipment), and flammability testing, where in each case the objective was to develop the performance envelope of the subject.

Third party testing at BakerRisk has been done using the laboratory facility (flammable gas meter calibration tests, burner ignition system tests, failure mechanism examinations) and using the WEBTF facility (shock tube test, thermal stability demonstrations, and scale model flow visualizations).  Typically such tests are performed following a detailed protocol, which BakerRisk frequently prepares.  We have done such tests with multiple interested parties attending and observing the process.

BakerRisk frequently is custodian of the secured items that are collected during incident investigations, including fractured items or samples of production material.  We inventory and secure such items and only transfer them under a chain-of-custody procedure.