Offshore Audits & QRAs

BakerRisk has developed a wide variety of software to assist with consequence analysis (SafeSite3G) and QRAs (QRATool), and also licenses computational fluid dynamic (CFD) codes PHOENICS (fires, thermal, dispersion), FDS (fires, smoke, etc.), FLACS (dispersion, explosions), LSDYNA (FEA) and other appropriate tools commonly used in offshore risk assessments.  BakerRisk also employs a broad range of staff who are expert users of the above tools to assist with development of quantifying risks to people, assets or production.

BakerRisk engineers have performed a broad range of offshore facility reviews from insurance risk engineering surveys, incident investigation, qualitative and quantitative consequence and risk analysis to detailed analyses of consequences (fire, heat, explosion, toxic, structural, etc.). BakerRisk’s staff’s expertise also extends to FPSOs and FLNG installations having conducted design reviews on floating terminals and transfer pipelines, Insurance Risk Surveys, HAZOPs and QRAs.

BakerRisk safety professionals have many years of offshore experience and also have a wide pool of knowledgeable staff with expertise related to offshore safety topics at their disposal for internal consultation. BakerRisk now offers SEMS Auditing services to shallow water offshore operators to help meet regulatory compliance.

The components of a BakerRisk offshore QRA are relatively straight forward and include hazard identification, consequence analysis and on through to quantitative risk analysis.  BakerRisk can provide screening level study needs to high end computational fluid dynamics analyses as well as testing (explosion, structural, thermal, chemical reactivity).

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