Process Safety Management

The Process Safety Group at BakerRisk is comprised of nearly fifty engineers and safety professionals with extensive experience in oil & gas operations.

The Process Safety Group at BakerRisk carries out a wide variety of topic-related activities including QRAs, Facility Siting, PHAs, HAZOPs, SIS/SIL, PSM Auditing, and CFD analysis.

The BakerRisk process safety staff has considerable experience in managing and conducting compliance audits for OSHA PSM and EPA RMP standards.  PSM compliance audits are completed focusing on all fourteen (14) elements of OSHA’s Process Safety Management regulation 40 CFR 1910.119 including the management system requirement of EPA’s RMP Rule.

BakerRisk has developed an audit protocol which considers all applicable regulatory requirements as well as current industry practice, as covered in the following:

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 Process Safety Management Standard and Paragraph (o) of the OSHA Standard

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