Process Safety Management

Canadian Propane Assessment

Per Ontario Regulation 211/01, Propane Storage and Handling, propane plant operators are now required to submit a Risk and Safety Management Plan (RSMP) in order to obtain an operating license. BakerRisk has helped in the development of RSMPs for small and large operators.

Major components of the RSMP package to be submitted to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) include:

One of the biggest components of the RSMP is the requirement for a QRA to be used for risk-based land use planning.  BakerRisk has worked closely with our clients and engineers from the TSSA to develop a methodology for assessing consequences for Vapour Cloud Explosions (VCEs), Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosions (BLEVEs), and jet fire radiation hazards.

The likelihood of hazardous events and the effect of mitigation safeguards have been accounted for through event and fault tree analysis of the propane plant operations.  Facility risk has been presented in the form of geographic risk contours and reviewed against TSSA’s risk acceptance criteria to determine if the facility is in compliance.

In addition to conducting the risk analyses, BakerRisk has produced P&IDs for the propane operations and conducted PHAs, also known as a hazard identification exercise, with plant operations personnel.

We have assisted our clients with the development of risk mitigation and control plans, and emergency response and preparedness plans.  In addition, we have met with local fire departments on behalf of our clients to review the overall RSMP package.