A facility’s operational risk varies depending on several factors. These can be location, complexity of process, equipment age, industry history, and operational practices. The Risk Screening Tool evaluates and compares several facilities’ risks in a short period of time.

Utilizing the Risk Screening Tool strategy is a two-step approach. The first step is the Risk Screening Tool’s Initial Pre-Screening. During this step, information about the facility is collected and processed by a risk analyst who is knowledgeable in the facility operations and best industry practices applicable to that facility. At the end of the Initial Pre-Screening, each facility will receive a Pre-Screening Risk Score, which will be compared against the tolerable Initial Pre-Screening Risk Criteria. Facilities identified as high risk by the Initial Pre-Screening process will be analyzed in the second step. The second step consists of the Detailed Pre-Screening, which involves the development of a computer model that describes the site’s hazards and potential targets. The goal of the Detailed Pre-Screening is to determine a semi-quantitative risk value for the facility. Each hazardous scenario in this model will have a semi-quantitative risk value based on equipment failure rate and estimated consequences.


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