BakerRisk is a pioneer in modern solutions to Hazardous Area Classification (HAC).  Refinery, chemical, and related industries depend on accurate HAC documentation and drawings to determine the proper type of electrical equipment permitted to be used within their facilities. While HAC drawings are often created as part of the facility design package, much of the details are not documented.  Often plant designers draw conservative boundaries at the battery limits of the unit which can lead to large increases in capital expenditures during construction and over the lifetime of the plant in order to install higher rated equipment that what is prescribed by the appropriate standards.

BakerRisk has developed a proprietary HAC software, HACTool©, to help our clients with their HAC needs.  HACTool© has several advantages over standard HAC drawings.  First, the tool explicitly calculates boundary distances instead of using one maximum distance.  Second,  HACTool© can display the appropriate HAC contours in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings which can allow the client to more easily determine if electrically classified equipment is needed at various elevations.  Third, by adding electrical ignition sources to the data file, improperly installed equipment can be easily identified. Finally, HACTool© is easily updated and auditable.  As the plant changes, it is simple to add or remove equipment to keep the HAC drawings evergreen.



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