Risk Management

Fire Protection Engineering

BakerRisk can assist in designing your new fire protection strategies, conducting equipment performance evaluations, and optimizing an overall protection methodology. Our extensive experience provides value in identifying economical fire protection alternatives. Our fire protection engineers will work with you to:

Firewater System Design

BakerRisk’s fire protection engineering personnel have designed, specified, and tested fire protection and detection systems in the full range of industrial applications from office buildings and computer rooms to processing plants and offshore platforms. Many of our staff are degreed fire protection engineers, hold Professional Engineering licenses, are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, and are members of the National Fire Protection Association, serving on standards committees.
Our knowledge of codes and standards, combined with the knowledge we have obtained from the hundreds of fire investigations we have conducted over the years and the thousands of plant inspections and surveys we have performed, allows us to provide our clients with a sound assessment of their fire protection and detection systems and provide cost effective solutions where improvements are warranted.