In some cases, a new building is not a viable solution to mitigate explosion hazards for a structure. BakerRisk’s Protective Structures group is experienced in adapting simple structural concepts to strengthen a building in-situ. In addition to understanding the types of retrofits that are suited for a blast-load environment, BakerRisk engineers are well-versed in providing decision-making tools to the client early in the retrofit process to determine the optimal building retrofit.

In an upgradability study, BakerRisk can determine the applicable types of upgrades which could be implemented to improve a building’s hazard response to acceptable levels. Once retrofit options are defined, a feasibility study can optimize the selected upgrade options for the most effective hazard mitigation at a cost-effective material price-point. For the chosen design, our engineers will utilize their field experience to help ease the upgrade process for the building occupants and site owner, while ensuring the application adheres to the technical requirements of the design.

Blast Resistant Design Retrofit - Before


Blast Resistant Design Retrofit - After


BakerRisk’s blast-resistant retrofit approach can be applied to both consequence-based and risk-based siting methodologies and can also provide direction on non-structural components (i.e. windows, doors, interior items, etc.) which can pose a hazard to occupants.  BakerRisk’s experience in development, testing and application of innovative upgrade options provides effective solutions to retrofit existing structures.

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