Structural Analysis & Retrofits

BakerRisk’s Protective Structures team specializes in the analysis, design, and retrofit of new and existing structures for hazardous loading requirements.  The team’s structural engineering expertise and hands-on applied research services provide clients a unique and practical perspective for solving the most challenging issues in protecting personnel.

Members of BakerRisk’s Protective Structures Team operate the world-class Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility, which offers Blast Testing and other Specialized Testing to private, commercial, and government clients – as well as to Product Developers and Manufactures of Blast-Resistant Materials.  The Research and Testing conducted by BakerRisk has formed the groundwork for several industry-accepted performance and design standards and tools, including those in use by the world-wide blast design community, including:

In addition to providing industry-recognized research and testing services, the Protective Structures team provides a full suite of analytical and design services, including:

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