Structural Component Testing

Building Damage

BakerRisk is an industry leader in providing testing services to government agencies and private companies involved with reactive and explosive materials. The Wilfred E. Baker Testing Facility, comprising 160 acres east of San Antonio, offers a wide range of structural testing and applied engineering services. The Facility houses three main permanent test apparatus and has additional areas for custom test programs. The permanent test apparatus uses are:

  • Shock Tube Testing – BakerRisk’s large shock tube enables full-scale dynamic blast testing of large specimens – without the hazards and high costs associated with the use of high explosives. Capable of satisfying test specifications and loads put forth by GSA, DOD, DOS, and ASTM for a variety of components, the large shock tube offers a full suite of configurations and instrumentation to meet the most demanding validation needs.

Blast Testing of Polymer Retrofitted Unreinforced Masonry Walls

Blast Load Debris Characterization and Human Vulnerability Impact Testing

Blast Testing of Insulated Metal Panels

Blast Load Induced Hazardous Window Debris Characterization

Curtain Wall Testing – 12-ft Loaded Span

  • Uniform Static Pressure Testing – Built with internationally recognized testing standards such as ASTM-F2247 in mind, BakerRisk’s static test apparatus allows for precise static load-deflection experimentation, economically. Reconfigurable and highly adaptable to different specimen types and sizes, the static test apparatus is well suited for static load validation of a multitude of material and structural models.

BakerRisk Structural Testing and Validation Clients

In addition to flexible and expedient testing services provided to clients in a multitude of industries, several large agencies and organizations rely on BakerRisk as the go-to solution for their structural testing and validation needs. Among these clients are:

Dynamic Shock Tube Testing

  • Government Agencies (GSA, DTRA, DDESB, USACE, PDC Army, Navy, DOS, Air Force)
  • Retrofit System Manufacturers (Sherwin Williams, Glass Lock, Fyfe, Structural Group, BakerRisk Explosion Research Cooperative)
  • Door and Window Vendors (Graham Architectural, Deansteel, Overly, Oldcastle Glass, United States Bulletproofing)

Uniform Static Pressure Testing

  • Government Agencies (USACE, PDC, DTRA)
  • Door, Window, and Component Vendors (Deansteel, CENTRIA)