Joint Industry Research & Development

Explosion Research Cooperative

The Explosion Research Cooperative (ERC), a joint industry research program, was started by (BakerRisk) in 1993. The ERC is funded by chemical, petrochemical and refining companies interested in understanding and predicting explosion hazards and their consequences on buildings, process equipment and people, as well as preventing or mitigating explosions, analyzing siting of occupied buildings, designing protective structures, and upgrading existing buildings. The goal of this ongoing program is to undertake studies aimed at solving problems common throughout chemical processing industries with the results, benefits, and costs being shared by all participating companies.

Most organizations are not technically equipped to conduct research aimed at improving the prediction and risk management of accidental explosions. A cooperative arrangement, utilizing pooled funds from multiple participating companies, is a cost-effective way to conduct industry-wide R&D and to promote the exchange of information related to explosion hazards issues among participating companies.

The ERC was organized to respond to these needs and to address industry-wide explosion hazard technical issues.  The projects, scope of work, and proposed budgets are defined by vote of all participating companies at ERC meetings.

Representative studies from past years include: