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High Pressure Failure Testing

The High Pressure Testing Safety Research Joint Industry Program (JIP) was started by BakerRisk in 2006. The JIP is funded by oilfield service companies interested in understanding and predicting tool and vessel failure hazards and their consequences. The program is open to participation for companies in any pressure tool or vessel related industry.

Companies that have participated in the program include:

Failures during high pressure testing are of great concern to companies that manufacture tools and products for drilling, completion, and production of oil and gas. Such failures have potentially high consequences in terms of personnel injury, property damage, and business interruption.

Since 2006, the High Pressure Testing Safety Research JIP has proven to be a cost-effective means of utilizing pooled funds from multiple participating companies to conduct testing, as well as promoting the exchange of information related to pressure testing hazards among the participating companies.

The 2006 and 2007 test programs focused on hydrostatic testing, including a range of tool fittings, test pressures (up to 30,000 psi), test temperatures (up to 450 ºF), and test barriers and shields. The 2008 test program focused on similar test conditions with high pressure gas testing. In 2009, the JIP surveyed high pressure safety procedures among the participating companies. Tests were conducted on steel/masonry/steel and steel/sand/steel barriers. The response of Kevlar barriers are also studied. Hazards from submerged gas pressure testing have been studied in a multiple-year effort that included the construction of a test range for this purpose. The program results are documented in a technical report for each study, including comparisons to current test cell design methodologies and calculations.

These studies have helped interested companies understand and predict high-pressure hazards in their test facilities, as well as understand how to mitigate fragment hazards. The overall goal of the High Pressure Testing Joint Industry Program is to focus on safety issues common to the industry, with the results, benefits, and costs being shared by all participants.

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