Specialized Testing and R&D

Testing Services & Facilities

BakerRisk has been at the leading edge of blast and structural impact research for many years.  We have two large-scale testing facilities; the Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility (WEBTF) located near our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas and the Box Canyon Test Site near Uvalde, Texas.  We also have a materials and combustion test laboratory located in our San Antonio office building.

The 160-acre (WEBTF) site includes a new 9,800 sq. ft. high-bay test building, several outdoor test pads, and a hardened test cell.  This facility is designed to accomodate our expanded testing capabilities and consolidates our shock tube and high pressure testing programs into a single facility.  The main test building was designed for a 120 mph hurricane wind load due to anticipated test conditions.  The building includes a control room to operate the shock tube, a second control room to operate outdoor test programs, and a client meeting room.

The new 2,300 acre Box Canyon Test Facility, named for its unique topography, is located about 20 miles west of Uvalde, Texas in Kinney County.  It is the primary BakerRisk test site for vapor cloud explosions and other large-scale testing, including the deflagration load generator (DLG) test rig, which is currently being used to produce vapor cloud explosion blast loads on tents and other portable structures.

The BakerRisk materials and combustion laboratory in San Antonio conveniently allows materials engineering testing, including using our optical and scanning electron microscopes and metallurgical testers, along with combustion testing of flammability and burning velocities.