Testing Services & Facilities

Explosion Test Range-Box Canyon

BakerRisk’s test facilities are unique in the industry and offer a wide range of testing capabilities. The Box Canyon Test Facility (BCTF) is BakerRisk’s largest test facility that supports vapor cloud explosion (VCE) tests, deflagration load generator (DLG) tests, and many other one-off type tests (jet fire, pool fire, dispersions, etc.) in support of research and litigation.

 The Box Canyon Test Facility is located about 20 miles to the west of Uvalde, Texas and  is approximately 2.3 miles long by 1.5 miles wide (2,300 acres).   The test facility is named “Box Canyon” for its unique topography.  The mountains around the property boundary create a “box canyon” in the center.  There are several hundred acres of relatively flat land distributed within the “box canyon” that will be employed for testing.  The steep hills surrounding the test site help with noise dissipation and the dry west Texas climate allows for year round use of the facility.

 Currently, the test facility has three designated test sites; 1) Vapor Cloud Explosion Test Site, 2) Deflagration Load Generator (DLG) Test Site, and 3) Jet Fire/Misc. Test Site.  There are many acres within the test facility that can be developed for potential test programs.

 Vapor Cloud Explosion Test Site

 Deflagration Load Generator (DLG) Test Site

 Jet Fire/Misc. Test Site