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At BakerRisk, we don't just work for you, we work with you as a partner to keep your people and facilities safe. Our team of experienced professionals have a depth of industry knowledge, are skilled in the latest tools and technology, and are driven to provide expertise and solutions to help you manage your risk exposures.  For over 35 years, BakerRisk has provided our clients with cost-effective solutions to manage their hazards and risk, earning their trust and respect.  We are especially proud that we have created many long-lasting business relationships with our clients, some spanning decades.  Our clients know we will not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations with  sound solutions and advice.

What started as our founder, Dr. Wilfred Baker and his wife's retirement project in San Antonio in 1984, has grown to be a recognized industry leader with 175+ employees and offices in the US, UK, and Canada.  With our custom blend of experienced staff, leading-edge research,  full-scale testing capabilities, and state-of-the-art software tools, we provide you with the highest quality of technical risk management services available today.

Over the years, we have developed a set of engineering tools and modeling software that are used extensively in our projects to provide you with the benefit of our years of research and testing efforts. These tools are also used by government agencies and others in industry to calculate and analyze risk to their people and facilities.  Some of these tools are embedded in larger system-response software packages used for vulnerability analysis, risk analysis, targeting, weaponeering, and vulnerability analysis.  From our consequence modeling program SafeSite3G© to our QRATool© application, BakerRisk has a diverse range of sophisticated tools to provide efficient and accurate studies. Furthermore, since the tools all share a common data platform from one tool is easily adaptable to other platforms to support complimentary studies.

Since inception, BakerRisk has been proud to be at the leading edge of blast, process safety, and structural impact research.  With two large-scale test facilities that we own and operate, plus a combustion and materials lab, we design and oversee customized, cost-effective testing and research to meet your unique challenges.  We also sponsor several joint-industry research programs that address hazards and risks ranging from industrial explosions to tool testing failures for the down-hole tool industry.  This vast pool of research knowledge and hands-on experience provides BakerRisk staff with a unique set of resources to leverage into our consulting services.

We want to do more than just a project for you - we want to be a resource for you as well. Please take a look at our video gallery, request a paper from one of our experts, browse our current news, or see the technical committees that we participate in to learn how we can partner with you to manage your risk exposures.

Benefits of Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analyses

What are the benefits of using a laboratory to systematically and methodically examine recovered evidence of an incident to answer important questions in the course of an incident investigation, forensic investigation, root cause analysis and failure analysis? BakerRisk's webinar, “What to know about Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods – Expert Insights and Other Considerations for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analysis” will answer these and other important questions.