Learn about how BakerRisk was founded and a detailed history of how we became who we are.

Our Story: From Wilfred Baker Engineering To BakerRisk

Read a personal account of BakerRisk’s history in an interview with our President and CEO, Quentin Baker.

Our History Timeline In Engineering And Risk Management

Take an interactive journey through our history as we celebrate 35+ years!

Our BakerRisk Consultants Offices And Locations

Our main office is in San Antonio, TX, and we have others in the UK, Canada, Chicago, LA, and Houston.

Meet Our Experts

We are proud of our staff and their accomplishments, get to know some of our experts that you will be working with.


Join our team! Check out our job opportunities and be a part of 35+ years of success.

Our Mission For Risk Management

We are always working to better manage hazards and risks through high value services, products, and research.

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