Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk®) was formed in January 2001 with the merger of Wilfred Baker Engineering, Inc. (WBE) and Energy & Chemical Risk Consultants, Inc. (ECRC) to provide an integrated portfolio of engineering services, expertise and resources all within one organization. With a corporate structure and culture that encourages a multi-disciplinary approach, BakerRisk provides comprehensive services to assist clients in managing hazards, protecting personnel and property, and ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

Wilfred Baker Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Dr. Wilfred Baker. Throughout its history, WBE combined its consulting and engineering services with a steadfast commitment to research and development. This dedication was instrumental in the advancement of industry standards and in revolutionizing explosion analysis and dynamic structural design. Employing capabilities grounded in extensive field experience by the world’s most prestigious engineers and scientists, WBE became an internationally recognized engineering design and consulting firm. WBE specialized in blast effects, response of structures to dynamic loading, and mitigation, prevention and investigation of catastrophic industrial explosion accidents.

Energy Chemical Risk Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1989 by John L. Panariello, Joseph E. Zanoni, and John W. Ryan. The company specialized in the fields of process safety management, risk identification, risk assessment, risk quantification, risk management, fire protection, and personnel safety. With consultants recognized internationally as authorities in their field, and built on a foundation of extensive experience and sound integrity, ECRC was the No. 1 independent insurance risk engineering company in the world. Utilizing its expansive knowledge base and exclusive qualifications, ECRC became an industry leader in areas of consequence analysis/modeling, qualitative and quantitative risk assessments, process design reviews, root cause incident investigations, PSM/RMP compliance assessments, loss estimate and business interruption studies, and fire protection system analysis and design.

BakerRisk has now grown to an international consulting firm with over 175 scientists and engineers in six offices over the US, Canada, and the UK carrying out risk assessment projects for the oil and gas and chemical processing industry in over 50 countries around the globe.

BakerRisk has also developed its capabilities to be at the forefront of specialized testing services and R&D for studying the various hazards encountered in the chemical processing industry. With a large scale shock tube facility for assessing the blast response of structural members and a 2,000 acre jet fire and vapor cloud explosion test site, BakerRisk is continuously expanding its knowledge, tools, and methodologies as well as the risk assessment industry’s understanding of jet fires, vapor cloud explosions, flammable and toxic releases, and blast damage.

At BakerRisk, our custom blend of distinguished personnel and superior expertise provides the highest quality of technical risk management services found today. BakerRisk continues to be an industry pioneer providing clients with comprehensive solutions to their process problems and risk assessment needs.

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