The Canadian office is a multi-disciplinary office with an experienced team of blast and dynamic structural analysis consultants. The office has in house support for QRA, FSS, RSMP, risk, fault tree, incident investigation, and general PSM support and facilitates projects in other business areas. Structural engineers provide designs to resist blast loading for accidental or intentional/security threats from concept through final design and have served as the engineer of record on projects. The Canadian staff generally support clients in Canada and the Northern US.

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Benefits of Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analyses

What are the benefits of using a laboratory to systematically and methodically examine recovered evidence of an incident to answer important questions in the course of an incident investigation, forensic investigation, root cause analysis and failure analysis? BakerRisk's webinar, “What to know about Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods – Expert Insights and Other Considerations for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analysis” will answer these and other important questions.