Dr. Wilfred E. Baker retired from Southwest Research Institute

Employee No. 001 & 002: Wilfred and Isabel Baker


  • WBE adds third employee
  • Company awarded two government SBIR projects (Air Force and Marine Corps)


Quentin Baker becomes Employee


Became a C-Corp
[DBA Wilfred Baker, Inc.]

Assets in the company valued at



First WBE Short Course developed:
“Fundamentals of Blast Design and Analysis”

Revenue approximately



Quentin bought the company


Marine Corps underwater landmine project underway at Camp Bullis

With a huge splash -- Successful completion of underwater test program

Moved into the Crownhill office space

Crownhill office space

The Company is looking into hiring one or two new engineers and has hired one new secretary.

Total Revenue:



In January 1991, Wilfred Baker passed away the day after the final test was completed for the Marine Corps project


Explosion Research Cooperative was born

First newsletter published – “Energetic Events”

Energetic Events-First newsletter published header

Development of experimental shock tube

Second short course developed: “Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions”


First shock tube built at 3 Rivers Ranch

SafeSite development begins


From the Energetic Events Newsletter:

SafeSite software coming along…


VCloud software announced


New website: www.wbeng.com

SS3G becomes more sophisticated…


  • ‘New’ Process Safety services group formed

  • Update to BST methodology presented in AIChE paper by Quentin and Ming Jun Tang


15 Year Anniversary!

Revenue approximately


25+ employees now

A New Millennium…

Starts a New Decade of Explosive Growth


Stafford office (near Houston) opens with four employees

Purchased lab in New Jersey; lab moved to Stafford in November

Corporate office moved from Crownhill to Oakwell Court

Oakwell Court office location


Merged with ECRC; John Panariello and Joe Zanoni became owners in company

Company name changed to Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc.
(Filed with the state of Texas as “BPZ Inc.”)

50+ employees after merger

Employee Stock Purchase Plan started


  • Shock tube upgraded to 10x10 capacity

  • New website: www.BakerRisk.com

Gross revenue

$ + million


  • Now 60+ employees

  • Bonus pool implemented

  • New software tool: BWTI™

First company field trip to the Shock Tube – and it rained…

First company field trip to the Shock Tube


20 Year Anniversary!

Patent issued for shock tube

Implemented Alternate Work Schedule (AWS)

Developed QRATool


60+ employees

Materials Engineering group established

Canada office opens

Houston office moves into new office at 11000 Richmond Avenue


VCloud software updated to include TNO multi-energy curves

Pressure Testing JIP started


  • 100+ employees

  • Purchased 161 acres at Scull Crossing

  • Largest single client contract award 

Opened first UK office

Opened Los Angeles office


  • 125+ employees

  • Opened the Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility in Lavernia in May

  • Launched SharePoint

BakerRisk employees family


25 Year Anniversary!

Chicago office opens

HACTool successfully used on large-scale project; patent application filed


Gross revenue

$ + million

New VCE test rig completed

Expansion of San Antonio office underway

Formation of BD&M team

Underwater high pressure testing tank and jet fire apparatus added at WEBTF


Purchased Box Canyon Test Facility (BCTF); largest acquisition in company history

Houston office relocates to larger space at 11011 Richmond Avenue

160+ employees

Isabel Baker retires after 27 years


Joe and John transition their ownership

VCE test rig and DLG moved to Box Canyon

API tent testing program completed

Gross revenue

$ million


Became employee owned as of 1/1/2013

Completed construction of Process Safety test rig

BakerRisk co-funds fellowship with Jana & Quentin Baker Texas A&M

Completed construction of Process Safety test rig


30 Year Anniversary

Patent issued for HACTool©

ESOP formally rolled out

Shock Tube expansion to 10'×16'

$ + million

in revenue

Chicago office expanded

U.K. office relocated


BRM teaming with Hunter

Broaden Markets initiated


BakerRisk introduces WEBTF hazard awareness demonstration days to clients!

Jet fire impingement testing comes to Wilfred E. Baker


Dust Accumulation Patented

Tank Overflow Patented



April 2019

New website and rebranding launched

December 2019

100% ESOP

BakerRisk Celebrates 35 Years


January 2020

Ammonia-Fertilizer JIP Established, A Resource to Manage Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

April 2020

Gary and Debbie Farrar

Nelson-Farrar Index Purchased from Debbie Farrar, BakerRisk continues Gary Farrar’s legacy!

September 2020

ISO jet fire 22899 rig enclosure rendering
ISO 22899 jet fire test enclosure completed at Scull Crossing.

A Past Full of Accomplishments
that Built the Foundation
for a Bright and Sustainable Future of Growth!

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