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    Days: 4

  • BRLC icon-PDH white-navy-64px

    PDH: 32

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    CEU: 3.2

Course Cost:
Early: $2,250
Normal: $2,500

This four day course will focus on the practical calculations of designing structures to withstand postulated blast load. This course will utilize the tools and analysis techniques developed by the Explosion Research Cooperative.

The course will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to designing for VCE blast loads
  • Introduction to BEAST and screening approaches
  • Building damage levels - When to use and when not to use
  • How developed
  • Intro to SDOF method and criteria
  • Steel design
  • Dynamic design of trusses
  • Concrete design
  • Masonry design
  • Lateral resisting systems and foundations
  • Windows and doors
  • Blast intrusion into buildings
  • Design of CMU upgrades
  • Design of shield walls
  • Tents and trailers
  • Wrap up discussion – Case studies

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