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    Days: 2

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    PDH: 16

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    CEU: 1.6

Course Cost:
Early: $1,750
Normal: $2,000

This two day course focuses on the fundamentals of explosions and blast load predictions. The course provides exposure to a range of explosion types, with a focus on vapor cloud explosion (VCE) phenomena. Blast load prediction techniques for VCEs are covered in detail, and a summary of bursting pressure vessel (BPV) blast load prediction methods is provided.

The course will include the following elements:

  • Overview of explosions
  • VCE blast load prediction methods
  • VCE blast load prediction example cases
  • BPV blast load prediction methods
  • Other VCE blast load topics (blast walls, door blast shields, clearing and infiltration)

Customized Courses Tailored to Your Needs

While BakerRisk offers a range of pre-packaged courses, we recognize that the most effective courses incorporate your company’s specific hazards, incidents, and lessons learned. Please contact us to discuss how we can custom tailor courses to fit your company’s needs.

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