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David Wechsler
Murtaza Gandhi
Austin Thomas

published on

December 2021

The objective of the Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) analysis, also known as Electrical Area Classification (EAC), is to identify and classify a 3-dimensional region, space, or location within a facility that handles flammable/combustible material. The objective of a HAC analysis is to minimize uncontrolled ignition by electrical equipment or hot surfaces of flammables in air that could lead to fires or explosions resulting in equipment and property damage as well as potential loss of life.

Implementation of HAC in processing facilities impacts the design and operation of potential ignitable atmospheric concentrations in air by characterizing and documenting locations within the facility that require ignition source controls of varying degrees. This encompasses petroleum, chemical, and other industrial operations that utilize flammable gas, flammable vapors, combustible liquids, or combustible dusts (aka “flammables”).

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