North Pole, AK – Lab Building

LocationNorth Pole, AKBuilding FunctionLab BuildingBuilding Construction2009Design Blast Load0.8 psi, 85 psi-msec Wood buildings and wood trailers are common at industrial facilities. BakerRisk has developed upgrade designs to strengthen typical stud wall systems. In this upgrade, the exterior walls were strengthened, existing exterior doors were upgraded, and exterior windows were strengthened. Gallery

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Linden, NJ – Lab Building

LocationLinden, NJBuilding FunctionLab BuildingBuilding Construction2014Design Blast Load1.2 psi, 50 psi-msec BakerRisk designed a shield wall system to protect the exterior walls of an existing Lab Building. Due to the existing building constraints, the blast resistant shield wall is designed so that minimal blast reactions are passed into the existing building. Gallery

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Garyville, LA – Lab

LocationGaryville, LABuilding FunctionLab BuildingBuilding Construction2008Design Blast Load1.0 psi, 45 psi-msec BakerRisk designed the blast resistant upgrades for an existing Lab Building. The upgrade design included the strengthening of the exterior walls and an upgrade design for the existing windows. The structural upgrades were constructed from the exterior of the building to minimize interior interruptions. Gallery

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Changes in Facility Siting Standards: API 752, 753, & 756

In industries where the daily risks of potentially catastrophic events, such as vapor cloud explosions, are a constant concern, there’s no room for compromise – inherently safer design principles, effective hazard identifications and analyses, and adherence to up-to-date industry standards aren’t just important, they’re essential. Since its establishment in 1919, the American Petroleum Institute (API)…