Process Safety & Structural Consultants European Division

Established in 2006, BakerRisk Europe is based in Northwest England, a major centre for the process industries and the home of the industrial revolution.

Our UK team is comprised of process safety and structural consultants who are skilled at providing many industrial consulting services directly and collaboratively with colleagues from our offices in North America to provide the full breadth of specialist services and safety testing solutions available across BakerRisk.

Our industrial risk consultants provide process safety related services including review and audit, insurance risk engineering and incident/accident investigation services. Our highly skilled structural engineering team specialises in analysis and upgrade of buildings exposed to explosion, thermal and toxic hazards.



engineering industrial pipes-pancrop

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)
Layer of Protection (LOPA)
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA)

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
Facility Siting Study
Building Design and Risk Mitigation

Site Surveys

Accident Investigation
Process Safety Management Audit
Insurance Risk Engineering

Our portfolio includes projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and the Far East. As we continue to serve our traditional industrial energy clients in the onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, we are increasingly working with new and existing clients to support the safe development and implementation of many new low carbon sustainable technologies.

Process Safety & Risk Management Services

Accident Investigations

BakerRisk has an esteemed reputation for integrity, earned from performing incident investigations objectively, scientifically, systematically and thoroughly for more than 30 years.

Site Surveys and Qualitative Studies

Our expertise is built on lessons learned from hundreds of incident investigations and a highly qualified team of consultants averaging over 20 years of industry experience.

Hazard Identification

BakerRisk’s consultants leverage a wide range of industry experience when working with you to identify hazards to manage risk for safe operations.

Consequence and Risk Analysis

From single scenario to facility-wide consequence and risk assessments, our studies provide the insight you need to help you manage your hazards and risks.

Building Design Risk Mitigation

We provide customized engineering solutions for protecting people and assets.

Next Step

Changes in Facility Siting Standards: API 752, 753, & 756

In industries where the daily risks of potentially catastrophic events, such as vapor cloud explosions, are a constant concern, there’s no room for compromise – inherently safer design principles, effective hazard identifications and analyses, and adherence to up-to-date industry standards aren’t just important, they’re essential. Since its establishment in 1919, the American Petroleum Institute (API)…