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Contributions throughout Europe.

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Safety and Loss Prevention Subject Interest Group

Our team supports professional development, provides resources for training, and promotes best practices among industries throughout Europe.

Editorial Team Member of the IChemE Loss Prevention Bulletin

Our team has contributed to IChemE since 1974 and helps share accident and process safety information between organizations in their yearly publication.

Member of European Process Safety Centre (ESPC)

We encourage collaboration and participate in conferences and webinars, as well as present process safety materials at annual meetings for organizations like the Chemical Hazard Assessment Working Group.


Process safety and risk assessment services.


Process Hazard Analysis

Our PHA services include Hazard and Operability (HAZOP), Layer Protection (LOPA), and Hazard Identification (HAZIP) services. We perform this work in accordance with local guidelines and safety processes, such as UEC 61882:2016 and the Energy Institute Process Safety Framework.

Additionally, the use of a semi-quantitative risk matrix allows our team to identify scenarios where risk falls above or below the tolerable risk criteria, as well as the area in between, where we can provide support in other service areas to determine whether the risk is “as low as reasonably practical” (ALARP).

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Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

Our European process safety experts can leverage the Safety Integrity Level methodology to determine, confirm, and achieve safety targets and maintain long-term efficacy. SIL selection and determination are carried out with the use of our proprietary PHA-Tool©.

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Insurance Risk Engineering (IRE)

Our IRE specialists can identify risks that may contribute to facility property losses, business interruptions, and similar negative effects. We can additionally provide your team with loss estimates and help you develop processes or procedures to minimize risks in the future by leveraging decades of experience and our proprietary MaxLoss© tool.


Count on our accident investigators to determine the key factors and root causes involved with a hazard event at your facility. Our accident forensic specialists will use an extensive toolkit, powerful software, and industry know-how to provide defensible analyses, inform your management team, and empower your organization to prevent accidents in the future.

Process Safety Management

Our European team offers assistance with the development and implementation of process safety management systems. We’ll help your organization identify and utilize good practices that have been recognized by the HSE and can demonstrably reduce hazard threats in your facilities. Furthermore, we can create On-Shore COMAH Safety Case Reports with risk assessments as needed.

BakerRisk Learning Center Courses

The BakerRisk Learning Center offers virtual courses and management training for our European partners. Join classes online and take advantage of our industry expertise to elevate your process safety efforts.


Our project locations.

BakerRisk is an international company with a global reach and local presence. With offices on three continents and successful projects completed in Europe, Asia, the U.S., the Middle East, and Africa, we’re committed to serving clients with the same dedication and commitment to success. Get in touch with us today to see where we can assist your organization.

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Our partners

Who we work with in Europe.

Over the years, we’ve strongly supported European-based process safety organizations and partnered with clients across many sectors. For example, we’re members of the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) and are long-standing members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), having been active on IChemE’s Hazard Conference Technical Committee for 12 years. We’re always eager to build new relationships with local organizations and contribute to the European process safety industry.

European Events

Hazards Process Safety Conference

BakerRisk is a regular speaker at the annual Hazards Conferences from IChemE. In the 2023 conference, BakerRisk experts presented “Guidelines for Managing Abnormal Situations,” and previous years saw presentations such as “Application of the Finite Element Methods for Evaluating Hazards to Non-Structural Equipment” and “Evaluating Electrolyzer Hazards in Production of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia.”

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