Join BakerRisk at AIChE 2017 Spring Meeting and GCPS

Review best practice in process safety and help build a safer Industry with BakerRisk

Visit our booth #326 in the trade exhibition hall; listen to one of our technical presentations or workshops.

Dates:             March 26-30, 2017

Location:          Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

San, Antonio, TX

The BakerRisk technical presentations scheduled are:

Monday, March 27, 2017

  • BLEVE Basics: A Primer on Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions,” Adrian Pierorazio. To be presented by Kelly Thomas 11:30 AM Session: Tutorials in Process Safety – LPS I.
  • Hydrogen Jet Vapor Cloud Explosion: A Model for Predicting Blast Size and Application to Risk Assessment,” Dr. J. Kelly Thomas. Co-Authors Simon Jallais, Elena Vyazmina (Air Liquide); Derek Miller (Air Products). 2:00 PM Session: Fires, Explosions, and Reactive Chemicals I
  • “Elongated VCE Blast Waves and Structural Damage,” D Jihui Geng. Co-Authors Thomas Mander, Kelly Thomas, and Quentin Baker. 3:30 PM Session: Fires, Explosions, and Reactive Chemicals II
  • “Human Error: a Myth Eclipsing Real Causes,” Mr. Michael P. Broadribb. Co-Author Ignacio Alonso, Executive Director, Latin America Council On Process Safety. 4:30 PM Session: Incident Investigations – Lessons Worth Sharing

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

  • In Harm’s Way – After Which Nothing Was the Same Again,” Michael P. Broadribb. 8:30 AM Session: The Day PSM Hit Home I
  • “and Now for Something Completely Different,” Michael P. Broadribb.

10:45 AM Session: Manage Risk – The Management Element

  • Real World Applications of API RP 753,” Darren Malik. Co-Authors Thomas Anderson, Bradley J. Horn, and Jasen Falcon. 10:45 AM Session: Facility Siting, Consequence Analysis, and Risk Assessment  II
  • Procedural and Causal Lessons Gathered Over Years of Investigations,” Thomas V. Rodante. To be presented by Kelly Thomas. 4:30 PM Session: Learning from Experience – Don’t Repeat the Past

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

  • “Don’t Do What We Did – Stupidity, Luck, and Making Good Choices,” Mike Moosemiller. Co-Author Kathleen A. Kas, Dow Chemical. 9:00 AM Session: Tutorials in Process Safety – CCPS II
  • “New Guidelines for Managing Asset (Mechanical) Integrity,” Michael P. Broadribb. Co-Author Eric Freiburger, Praxair; John Murphy, CCPS; Robert Johnson, Unwin. 10:15 AM Session: Mechanical Integrity, Asset Integrity, Damage Mechanisms, and Condition Monitoring II
  • “CCPS Project 246 – 2nd Edition Guidelines for Siting and Layout of Facilities,” Mr. Bruce Vaughen. Presented by Industry Chairs Marty Timm, Praxair and Don Connelly, BP. 10:45 AM Session: Featured CCPS Projects Co-presenting with Marty Timm
  • “Produced Water Tank Explosion Case” J. Kelly Thomas. 3:00 PM Session: Case Histories and Lessons Learned – GCPS Joint Session

BakerRisk Poster Session

Monday, March 27, 2017 5:00-7:00 PM. GCPS Poster Sessions Exhibit Hall 3

  • “Implementation of Hazard Mitigation Solutions: Consequence vs. Risk-Based Building Specifications,” Travis Holland

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