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April 2020


Despite the current crisis, facilities still need to run safely and on schedule. Facility operations can be quite challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, running with skeleton crews operating units that may be creating unfamiliar products or running at reduced capacities. One option we provide our clients to stay on project schedule, and ultimately meet critical project deadlines, is a remote site visit. Once the study is complete, we can also review potential mitigation options by seamlessly transferring and adapting data from facility siting studies to perform:

Joshua Bruce-Black, Principal Process Safety Engineer and Supervisor in our Houston office, acknowledges this crisis not only brings challenges for our clients to perform what were once routine on-site services, but also causes many stressors to maintaining a safe facility. That is why we embrace collaborative tools and teams with our clients to remotely collect data to progress vital studies to conclusion. We also communicate with clients more frequently during the study to ensure goals are achieved in a timely manner and they have the information necessary to safely operate their facility.

We are in this together and have collaboratively stepped up to the challenge of working  effectively in a different situation/environment. Contact us to begin your remote FSS/QRA today.