What’s included?

The 1-day training program will provide instruction on:

  • Overview of Lithium-ion battery chemistry
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) components
  • Regulatory guidance on BESS installation (NFPA 855) and Thermal Runaway test (UL 9540A)
  • Failure modes of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Conducting Battery Hazard Analysis and FMEAs on BESS
  • Consequences of catastrophic failure in BESS – thermal runaway, off-gassing, fire, explosion, and toxic releases
  • Quantifying explosion and thermal consequences and evaluating the impact on personnel and adjacent equipment
  • BESS mitigation techniques including: fire mitigation measures and BESS enclosure structure analysis and methods to design new enclosures
  • BESS Risk Management – a holistic approach, insurance risk aspects, and Emergency Response Planning

Course Facilitators

Meet your Battery Energy Storage System Hazards & Mitigation course facilitators.

Murtaza Gandhi

Murtaza Gandhi

Roshan Sebastian

Roshan Sebastian

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Battery Energy Storage System Hazards and Mitigation Course



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Battery Energy Storage System Hazards and Mitigation Course

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