What’s included?

The 1-day training program will provide instruction on:

  • Requirements / Roles / Responsibilities
  • Classification / Level of incidents and other definitions
  • Emergency management vs. Crisis management and the transition
  • Non-traditional “emergencies” (e.g. operational, capital projects, company reputation, business continuity, potential incidents, etc.)
  • Risk exposures
  • Incident examples (emergency vs. crisis)
  • Unified incident command system
  • Emergency response teams
  • Response levels
  • Emergency / Crisis plans
  • Coordination among governmental, corporate, plant, community, and client plans
  • Prepare, prevent, respond, recover
  • Plan elements
  • Examples of plan elements for team members
  • Plan activation stages
  • Communication planning
  • Control centers
  • Testing, training, drills, and continuous improvement

Course Facilitators

Meet your Emergency Management Training course facilitators.

Upcoming Sessions

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There are no upcoming courses at this time, please contact us for more information.

Customized Courses

Courses tailored to fit your needs.

While BakerRisk offers a range of pre-packaged courses, we recognize that the most effective courses incorporate your company’s specific hazards, incidents, and lessons learned. Please contact us to discuss how we can custom-tailor courses to fit your company’s needs. Your course may include:


Courses may be offered at your site or a BakerRisk location, depending on the course or your needs.


We’ll walk through your facility to customize courses to suit and include an assessment.

Demonstration and Simulation

Utilize demonstrations to give a 
first-hand feel of hazards through simulations.

Case Studies

Case studies using real scenarios, including role play, so participants can apply their new training.