What’s included?

The 1-day training program will provide instruction on:

  • Presentations on standards for:
    • Scene documentation
    • Physical evidence collection
    • Digital evidence collection
  • Scene and evidence documentation techniques
  • Protocol development and usage in evidence collection
  • Preservation options for evidence
  • Hands-on exercises in scene documentation and evidence collection that includes a controlled explosive event

Participants will be given both classroom instruction and field exercises to learn and practice scene documentation and evidence collection. This will include developing procedures to ensure proper and adequate documentation of the incident scene and evidence to be collected. The course will provide techniques for collecting, logging, and preserving evidence based on industry accepted standards and years of evidence collection experience by BakerRisk. A mock explosion at our test site will provide the scene and evidence for field exercises. This course is ideal for evidence technicians, engineers, managers, and investigators who are involved in hands-on work in scene investigation and evidence collection, and managers and legal counsel who are involved with incident investigations.

Course Facilitators

Meet your Incident Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection course facilitators.

Important Notes

We recommend registering for the combined courses (Incident Investigation Training and Incident Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection) but if you want it to be broken up you can register for Incident Investigation Training or Incident Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection separately.

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Incident Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection Course



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Incident Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection Course

Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility (Scull Crossing)

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September 12, 2024
9:00 am CDT

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