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March 2017

BakerRisk is recognized with 2016 PCI Design Award

During the 2017 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, BakerRisk was part of a 2016 PCI Design Award Winner project team. The PCI Design Awards program “recognizes design excellence and construction quality using precast concrete”.

The Santa Clara Family Justice Center was awarded the “Best Justice and Correctional Building” across the nation. This BakerRisk project team of Thomas Mander and Barry Bingham were responsible for designing the precast concrete building façade. The precast panels posed unique modeling challenges due to complex geometries and the need to support blast resistant windows. Panel designs were completed using a combination of single degree of freedom and finite element models. This building showcases how the right engineers using the appropriate tools can provide both a cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing structure.

More about the Design Awards from PCI:

Santa Clara Family Justice Center Building
“The program has helped the design and construction community innovate and advance by showcasing ideas that push the envelope, overcome challenges, and improve upon existing concepts. The program demonstrates how designers are continuing to utilize high performance precast/prestressed concrete to achieve sustainable, more cost-effective, aesthetically-pleasing, and quickly-constructed projects.