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January 2022

San Antonio, Texas – Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk), a San Antonio-based leader in providing solutions to manage hazards and risks, acquired San Antonio based Bryant-Lee Associates (BLA) on December 14, 2021 which expands  BakerRisk’s materials science capabilities to include BLA’s capabilities and laboratory equipment.  BakerRisk welcome’s BLA’s experience in providing materials engineering consulting and testing services, which was started by Robert Bryant, former manager of Materials Research Department at Texaco, in 1979!  David Lee, the sole owner for the past 20 years with 50 years’ experience, and his technician Johnny Dallahan, have joined BakerRisk to continue supporting our combined client base.

David Lee performing field work and examination of equipment

While BakerRisk and BLA have had a working relationship over the years and have worked together on projects as needed, BakerRisk’s own Dan Benac has even closer ties to BLA. Dan worked at Texaco’s Research Center adjacent to the Refinery in Port Arthur, Texas with Robert and David in the late 70’s.  Nearly 20 years later, Dan teamed up with BLA in 1999 before ultimately leaving to start BakerRisk’s materials laboratory in San Antonio in 2005.  The BakerRisk/Bryant-Lee relationship began through joint investigations to determine the root cause for incidents and failures.  Dan is looking forward to working directly with David Lee again and support his clients, as needed.

Dan Benac working at the BLA facility in 2004

“The BLA team has always done great work, which is why BakerRisk became a client when we started our lab in 2005.  I am very pleased to bring the BLA capabilities in house and work with David again. David is highly respected by many for his technical abilities in metallurgy, corrosion, and understanding of refinery and process plants.”  Dan goes on to say, “While working with David over the years, I always knew that he would work hard to understand what caused the corrosion or failure and ask probing and penetrating questions to help understand the cause.”  But it isn’t all work! “While working at Texaco,  I have a memory of  sailing, with David on his Hobie Cat in the Gulf of Mexico – think I got sea sick!”

Group picture of the BakerRisk lab team

“The BLA team has a long-standing technical reputation for excellence within the refinery and petrochemical industries and BakerRisk has appreciated the relationship we have maintained with the organization over the years,” said Chris Heaton, CEO of BakerRisk.  “We are thrilled to have David and Johnny join us where we can expand our capabilities as well as continue to serve the BLA client base with the experience and expertise they have come to expect.  This acquisition is an example of how BakerRisk will continue to grow and expand services to meet our clients’ growing needs.”

David and Dan reunited in the BakerRisk Materials Lab

The BakerRisk San Antonio laboratory has recently undergone expansion to house the addition of equipment and service capabilities of BLA. Stay tuned for more information on exciting new things coming from BakerRisk!