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September 2022

Building Design Services from professional blast engineering tests to SIP evaluations

When disaster strikes, a building’s design and structural integrity affect damages sustained and risk to worksite personnel. Therefore, designing the ideal protective buildings for your worksite is just as important as mitigating risks through policies and practices.

BakerRisk building design services help you create protective and cost-efficient industrial buildings and other structures with features like shelter-in-place protection. Our building design services allow you to not just create new buildings but also upgrade existing structures, analyze worksites for hazards, and perform tests such as air ingress testing to determine just how safe your current buildings are.

Building designs for any structure

BakerRisk has worked in the building risk mitigation industry for decades. With our expertise, you can develop and implement the safety-focused building designs you need for new or existing worksite facilities. We offer support for industries and needs, including but not limited to:

  • Upgrades to blast-resistant windows and doors
  • Building condition assessments for existing structures
  • Building design services for new protective structures
  • Protection against high-velocity projectiles, explosions, thermal hazards, and more
  • Shelter-in-place or SIP building designs
  • Structural engineering upgrades to meet predicted hazards

industrial building worksite

Industrial Buildings

Over our many years of service, we’ve developed deep, comprehensive knowledge you can use to design and erect efficient, cost-effective, and protective industrial buildings.

Whether you need assistance starting at the very beginning with conceptual or new building designs, or upgrading existing industrial architecture with design retrofits, BakerRisk has the tools and industry know-how you need for maximum safety.

Risk-based building designs

Risk-based building designs are ideal for ensuring the health and safety of site personnel and critical equipment. With BakerRisk’s help, you can utilize risk-based building design principles and practices to upgrade existing buildings and construct new, cost-effective buildings for any need. 

With our proprietary software tools, such as QRATool, SafeSite, and RMTool, we offer a wide range of risk-based building design services, such as conceptual building design, material optimization, and building siting feasibility analyses. 

Pressure test enclosure design

Pressure test enclosures

Some worksites require additional safety elements. Due to their experience, and the BakerRisk Pressure Testing Research Cooperative or PRTC, our engineers are well-equipped to help you design barricades ranging from portable shields to high-pressure enclosures and more.

For example, we can help you design custom-tailored barricades to meet the needs of a specific operation or facility. Furthermore, you can rely on us when you need to upgrade existing enclosures or pressure test structures to cut down on costs.

The tools you need for effective, safe construction

BakerRisk goes above and beyond when it comes to building design services and assistance. Many modern problems require specialized solutions or custom-tailored, functional testing tools – that’s why we offer a variety of well-designed tools that can help you complete projects on time and on budget.

Our blast-resistant design tools assist with validation testing, component analyses, and more.

Tests & risk assessments from BakerRisk

As highly qualified engineers and safety professionals, BakerRisk provides tests and risk assessment services alongside building design services.

Building design reviews

Have existing structures you want to keep to save on costs or for other purposes? Our building design reviews help you determine:

  • The protection provided by planned new building design
  • How safe a given structure is
  • How to improve or upgrade a structure for greater safety
  • Whether a structure can be relied on in a crisis or worksite disaster

man working on SIP design

SIP assessments

BakerRisk’s SIP designers understand the major factors and aspects of effective shelters in place. With experience in infiltration-resistant barriers, multi-barrier shelter designs, toxic gas detection, and more, our SIP assessments can help you:

  • Understand the effectiveness of your shelters in place
  • Discover and design important changes to improve SIP functionality, as well as increase the safety of SIP occupants
  • Analyze how effective your fallback plans are
  • Beyond that, BakerRisk can help you develop designated SIPs with mitigative protective features. From SIPs without functional windows to multi-layered shelters in place with unique safety requirements, we can help you devise the ideal SIP for your worksite and people.

Facility siting studies

In most cases, worksite safety is reviewed based on assessing occupied and critical buildings throughout the facility. BakerRisk’s facility siting studies thoroughly review several buildings at a given site and analyze them for potential explosion, fire and toxic risk factors and scenarios. Our experts estimate Building Damage Levels, Occupant Vulnerability, and much more.

With BakerRisk’s risk-based facility siting studies, or Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA), we help you comply with industry regulations by evaluating a range of risk mitigation options. Furthermore, we work with your leadership team to ensure that you make informed risk mitigation decisions.

Through leveraging our teams’ extensive experience and years of testing data, we can provide important feedback on:

  • The areas if the process where cost effective mitigation is recommended
  • The importance of other building upgrades
  • What building weaknesses or other factors result in the highest levels of risk
  • The level of risk reduction you can achieve with different risk mitigation strategies
  • Building design services are just a small part of what BakerRisk can do for you. From safety investigation training to hazard testing and more, our engineers and risk assessment experts are at your disposal as soon as you give us a call.

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