BakerRisk Guidance Series: FHMA Best Practice

We are pleased to continue our Best Practices guidance series!  The intent of this series is to provide additional guidance to industry on risk management topics of common interest.  Our June Best Practice release is now available and features the topic of FHMA's.

The concept of a Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) is referenced in many of the standards, practices, and guidance documents that are applied in industry. It also has other names - Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and Fire and Explosion Analysis (FEA) to name two. The analysis efforts may also be bundled with other hazard requirements in standards and guidance documents that are often vague and somewhat subjective when discussing FHA methodology. This document provides field tested suggestions and best practices to help bridge the gap between the standards and fire hazard studies.

Kristen Graham and David Black have leveraged their years of quantitative and qualitative experience, respectively, to develop this FHMA best practice.

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