BakerRisk joins NWHA to actively engage in the northwest UK’s rapidly developing low carbon economy

We are pleased to announce that BakerRisk has joined the North West Hydrogen Alliance (NWHA) to provide support for the safe and sustainable movement towards the United Kingdom’s (UK) net zero goals through hydrogen projects.

Comprised of thriving industry, an existing skilled workforce, city regions that collaborate, and natural and industrial assets, the North West is poised to be a key region for the development of a hydrogen-based energy market for the UK.

NWHA plans to link these stakeholders together to provide a prominent voice in the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source through discussions with both the local public and national and regional Government.

BakerRisk, with its European office located in Chester, is at the centre of these developments. BakerRisk has a 20+ year history of collaborating with industry groups to better understand the unique hazards associated with hydrogen production, transportation, and usage. Through our Explosion Research Cooperative (ERC), we have completed numerous studies looking at the hazards associated with hydrogen and hydrogen containing mixtures. The ERC Joint Industry Program (JIP) has led BakerRisk to perform additional self-funded research programs that are focused on hydrogen and hydrogen safety concerns. We have published numerous papers on the subject, which can be found on our website.

Over the years, these internal research (IR) programs have investigated hydrogen dispersion, hydrogen ignition, and unconfined hydrogen vapor cloud explosions (VCEs). One set of lean hydrogen tests is summarized in the video below.

Industry incidents, as well as BakerRisk research and testing, continues to debunk the myth that hydrogen either 1) always ignites or 2) safely floats away. The 2021 IR program year looks to be more exciting still with a continuation of the hydrogen dispersion and ignition testing.

BakerRisk is currently organizing a new industry collaboration, the Hydrogen Technology JIP (HyTech JIP). This program will focus on exploring existing gaps in the hydrogen space. In 2022, the initial focus will include research into dispersion, ignition, and explosion characteristics of different hydrogen / natural gas blends. Future topics will be identified through on-going collaboration with member companies, with a focus on addressing industry’s top high-hazard concerns. To participate in the JIP, please contact Darren Malik (

Check out our website to see how we are helping companies in the hydrogen space or contact Roger Stokes of our BakerRisk Europe Chester Office (

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