BakerRisk Presentation for the Center for Hydrogen Safety 2020 virtual conference

BakerRisk is delighted to support the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) 2020 virtual conference with a presentation titled, “Myth Busting: Hydrogen Vapor Cloud Explosions (VCEs)”. This presentation, authored by Darren Malik and Karen Vilas, will be presented on September 16, 2020 for the session, “Hydrogen Safety in Utility Applications”.

Myth Busting - Hydrogen Vapor Cloud Explosions

This presentation focuses on the credibility of unconfined hydrogen vapor cloud explosions and makes the argument that these potentially highly energetic events should be addressed during a detailed safety review for hydrogen production and fueling facilities. Immediately following the presentation, Darren will be available to speak with attendees and answer questions on the topic.


The conference focuses on supporting and promoting the safe handling and use of hydrogen across applications in the energy transition. The CHS is a non-profit comprised of companies dedicated to promoting best practices in hydrogen safety worldwide through this platform.  The scope of the CHS is to ensure safety information, guidance, and expertise is made available to all stakeholders. To read more about the CHS, visit


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