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November 2019

The Hazards Forum will be hosting their event, “Forensic Engineering Failure, Investigation and Learning – The Anatomy of a Loss”, on December 3, 2019. This event brings together engineers and other specialists to promote inter-disciplinary sharing of good practice in hazard and risk management.

The event will focus on 3 aspects of the forensic engineering process:

  • Material Failure Investigation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Forensic Accounting

Roger Stokes, Principal Process Safety Engineer at BakerRisk, will present a brief overview of the incident investigation process, including a review of the various stakeholders and interested parties, definition and establishment of immediate cause, and root cause analysis.  A brief case study will also be reviewed to demonstrate some tools and techniques utilized by expert investigators.

The presentation will be of interest to anyone involved in incident and material failures investigations and business interruption arising from an incident.

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